Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What is Pressure Gravity Separator and How It Works?

The device used to separate heavier material like grains, cereals etc. from lighter impurities is known as pressure gravity separator. It works on the theory of gravity and is highly suitable for grading and separating operations. Pressure gravity separator manufacturer in Vadodara uses high quality raw material and latest technology to fabricate the machines which are highly demanded in agriculture industry around the globe.

How pressure gravityseparator works?

The material is fed onto the gravity separator with the help of an inlet with an adjustable feed speed. The gravity separator is inclined against the grading deck that normally has a special fiber wire mesh surface, not including extremely fine things, when a professional fabric deck is employed. Low pressure, high volume air is passed through the mesh using the fan.  The amount of air existing is fervently adjusted to match the product being processed. This adjustment ensures that the light weight products are lifted to the top of the matter and the heavy products stay on the grading deck’s surface which results into stratification of the material.

In pressure gravity separator, all adjustments are easily and readily done at the same time when the machine is in use. This permits a mixture of control adjustments which ensure a very fine separation of the products at the end of the device, where the tear will be done with sliding chutes or adjustable knives. Pressure gravity separator manufacturer fabricate precision engineered, elegantly designed and highly efficient devices to fulfil the needs in agriculture industry. 

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